LHSAA votes against split playoffs in other sports, football stays the same for 2015
Posted on 1/30/2015 1:10:00 PM.
High school principals vote to keep the current split between public and private schools that exists with the football playoffs and allow the new executive director of the LHSAA, Eddie Bonine, develop solutions that could possibly bring the classes back together. Bonine says his first step will be to organize a committee to examine the issues that caused the split.
LHSAA, split playoffs, Norman Booker, Eddie Bonine

With Mitt Romney out, what does that mean for Jindal?
Posted on 1/30/2015 12:49:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
Mitt Romney announced Friday he's decided not to run for president next year, so what could that mean for Governor Bobby Jindal? 2016 would have been Romney's third run at the White House. UL-Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says this is one less main-stream contender that Jindal has to compete with.
mitt romney, bobby jindal, pearson cross

BESE member concerned about Common Core opt-out
Posted on 1/30/2015 11:35:00 AM.
With Common Core testing scheduled for March, some families have decided on opting their kids out of taking the tests.  BESE member Lottie Beebe says, according to information provided by the Department of Education, this will cause negative implications for schools and school systems.

Common Core, BESE, Lottie Beebe, opt-out movement

Marksville mobile home fire claims four
Posted on 1/30/2015 9:58:00 AM.
State Fire Marshal's officials are investigating a fire in Avoyelles Parish that has left four dead.  Fire Marshall Butch Browning says the fire occurred just before midnight Thursday night at a mobile home in Marksville.

Marksville, fire, Butch Browning, death

Tulane study: Cities whose teams are in the Super Bowl see an increase in flu deaths
Posted on 1/30/2015 5:46:00 AM.
A Tulane University study discovers that cities who have teams in the Super Bowl see a spike in flu deaths. Researcher Charles Stoecker, says based on county-level statistics, there was an 18-percent increase in flu deaths among those over the age of 65 in cities whose teams were in the Super Bowl that year. He says big games bring more people together.
Tulane study, Charles Stoecker, Super Bowl, flu

Three more synthetic marijuana compounds banned
Posted on 1/30/2015 3:47:00 AM.
After more Louisianians have been hospitalized and even died as a result of synthetic marijuana, Governor Bobby Jindal has announced the ban of multiple new synthetic marijuana compounds.  The new banned compounds are called "PX 1", PX 2", and "MDMB-CHMICA".
synthetic marijuana, Poison Control Center, Mark Ryan, banned substances

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