Walker Police sergeant suspended without pay after hanging noose in squad room
Posted on 3/16/2017 10:01:00 AM.

A Walker police officer has been suspended for three days without pay after hanging a noose in the department’s squad room. Walker Police Capt. John Sharp says the makeshift noose was hung on a pipe in public view.

“What was found was a piece of twine that was made to look like a noose, I guess, that had a cookie in the noose,” Sharp said.

Sharp says the department has several options when it comes to who will conduct the investigation and determine if charges should be filed. Walker Police Chief David Addison reportedly requested the Attorney General’s Office to look into the matter. But Sharp says the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office would be more appropriate to lead the investigation.

“We’re probably going to go with the Sheriff’s Department simply because the investigation should be able to be conducted in a more expedited fashion. This is not something we want to drag out,” Sharp said.

Sharp says the department takes this very seriously because the unnamed officer is a sergeant and should be held to a higher standard. He says there’s a law on the books that prohibits the display of a noose in public to intimidate a person or persons.

“The question that we need to have answered is what was the motivation behind this officer’s decision to tie this piece of twine with a cookie on it in our squad room,” Sharp said.

Capt. John Sharp, Walker Police, noose, David Addison

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