Elbert Guillory chosen by LAGOP to bring in more minorities
Posted on 3/16/2017 2:50:00 AM.

Former state lawmaker Elbert Guillory has been chosen by the Louisiana Republican Party to lead an outreach effort to bring more minorities to the GOP. Guillory became the first black Republican state senator in 2013 when he switched from the Democratic Party. He says his hope is to convince African-American voters the Republican Party has their interest in mind.

“Just open your eyes and look. If you are jobless, you’re education is failing and you are unsafe in your homes and streets, then we can do better.”

Chairman of the Louisiana GOP, Roger Villere, approached Guillory for the position. Guillory says they want the Bayou State to become a leader in engaging and expanding the party. He believes the Democratic Party is leading minorities in the wrong direction.

“Folks need to understand that there is an alternative and it’s a much better alternative than what is not working for us today.”

Guillory says the Republican Party has demonstrated it’s more concerned about creating more jobs and tackling inner-city crime than the Democratic Party.

“The last eight years we’ve had no addressing of the big problem of safety. The number one cause of death of young black men is violence and no one is addressing that except us.”

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