Louisiana State Troopers Association reportedly subject of federal investigation
Posted on 3/10/2017 11:57:00 AM.

The Louisiana State Troopers Association is reportedly the subject of a federal investigation alleging the nonprofit made illegal campaign contributions. That’s according to Tom Aswell, publisher of the political blog Louisiana Voice who broke the story on the investigation. He says the nonprofit association’s board funneled the money through its executive director David Young.

“David Young would make the contributions in his name and then file expense reports with the association, which would then reimburse him for the money he paid to candidates. That means the money came directly from members of the Louisiana State Police,” Aswell said.

Classified state employees, like troopers, cannot make campaign contributions. The alleged donations include more than $10-thousand to former-Governor Bobby Jindal and Governor John Bel Edwards. Aswell says Edwards returned the money when he learned the source. He believes the investigation goes all the way to the top.

“They’re looking at the relations between the association and State Police Superintendent Michael Edmonson,” Aswell said.

Aswell says earlier this week, the FBI served 18 subpoenas at the board of directors meeting. He says the FBI will try to get information from these individuals to learn what they may have done on Edmonson’s behalf. But he says his sources suggest someone is trying to hinder the investigation.

“The legal counsel for the association instructed those who were subpoenaed not to talk to the FBI,” Aswell said.

LSP notes that the troopers association is independent of the department, and the State Police agency has not been served any subpoenas.

Tom Aswell, Louisiana State Troopers Association, LSP, Louisiana Voice

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