LCTCS consolidates 8 campuses because of budget challenges
Posted on 3/9/2017 11:36:00 AM.

In response to the financial changes facing the state, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System is consolidating eight of their rural campuses. President of the system, Dr. Monty Sullivan, says they want to maintain and sustain the mission of two year colleges.

“What we have is a realignment of 8 campuses. That is just simply a campus that today may be affiliated with one college, tomorrow being affiliated with another college that perhaps has a little more financial stability,” Sullivan said.

For example, the Northwest Louisiana Technical College in Natchitoches will become part of the Central Louisiana Technical Community College on July 1st. Sullivan says the mergers will allow them to focus on these rural campuses and ensure their two-year colleges can stay open.

“We anticipate that by FY-19, we’ll generate somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million in either new revenue or on the other end create savings,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan says consolidating these campuses will save money and continue their mission of helping students move on to a four-year university or prepare Louisianans for technical careers. He says it’s their hope that students in the system will see very little changes.

“One of the measures for those subtends enrolled and have a current tuition rate, we want to hold that tuition and fee rate to their current number and not have them see an increase in the cost to attend,” Sullivan said.

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