Report shows fewer overweight people are trying to lose weight
Posted on 3/8/2017 3:02:00 PM.

A study shows fewer fat people are trying to lose weight. A Georgia Southern University report found overweight people who said they are trying to lose weight fell from 55% down to 49%. Executive Director of the Louisiana Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Rudy Macklin, says people abandon weight loss efforts for a variety of reasons.

“Some people try to do it alone instead of doing it with a partner, and it’s really very difficult. It takes some longevity in eating correctly and being physically active,” Macklin said.

Macklin says people may be getting discouraged because they aren’t seeing results right away. The study suggests being overweight could be becoming more acceptable. But Macklin doesn’t think that’s the case. He attributes the decline in people losing weight to busy schedules.

“They just don’t have the time to put in to be physically active or to take 30 minutes out of their day to go walking, and they make quick meals and cook with a lot of high cholesterol and fat and things like that,” Macklin said.

The nationwide study found the obesity rate is highest for black women with 55-percent being obese. Macklin says here in Louisiana, income and family environment play a big role in many of these women’s lives, leaving little time for exercise and cooking healthy meals.

“The black women are working longer hours. A lot of them are raising grandchildren. Some of them are working long hours at low wages, and so therefore they’re working more than one job,” Macklin said.

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