Federal judge blocks state law to prohibit women under 21 from stripping
Posted on 3/8/2017 2:16:00 PM.

A federal judge in New Orleans has once again blocked a state law that makes the minimum age to be an exotic dancer 21-years-old. Three strippers filed suit after the state legislature passed the legislation last year and their attorney is Harry Rosenberg.

“The statute as written was constitutionally overbroad and constitutionally vague.”

The women were 18, 19, and 20 when the suit was originally filed. Rosenberg says Barbier’s ruling ensures the law will not go into effect until this case goes to trial at a later date.

“So it prevents the state or Alcohol Tobacco folks from preventing these women under the age of 21 from dancing.”

Rosenberg says their argument to the court was that the law prohibited women aged 18 to 20 from expressing their right to free speech through dance. He says the basis for the court’s ruling granting the injunction stemmed from the extremely broad nature of the law.

“It covered a whole host of other people, such as individuals who might be working in the theater and doing those performances without clothes and therefore the statute was unconstitutionally broad.”

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Provided by ABC News

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