BESE approves proposal with no increase in state funding for public schools
Posted on 3/8/2017 11:12:00 AM.

State funding for public schools is at a standstill, as the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approves a proposal that does not increase state funding per student. Executive Director of the Louisiana School Boards Association, Scott Richard, says the outlook for K-12 schools is pretty bleak.

“Public education should be a priority of the state lawmakers, and we’re once again facing a stagnant state funding formula,” Richard said.

Richard says like anything else, the cost of operating a school is going up every year, but funding has not increased. He says federal funding is also in a decline, which leaves local school districts to pick up the lion’s share of the costs.

“The state is requiring more and more of local school districts. We’re working to raise the bar for student achievement, but funding remains stagnant. So it’s a serious concern,” Richard said.

BESE says continued state budget problems makes it difficult to ask and receive an increase in state funding. Richard says educating our children should be more of a priority for lawmakers.

“To constantly have to advocate to prioritize education as a priority in the budget process does get to be a bit frustrating year after year after year,” Richard said.

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