Construction begins on highway barriers in memory of Haughton woman
Posted on 3/8/2017 7:02:00 AM.

Construction has begun on cable barriers along the median of LA 3132 in Shreveport thanks to the efforts of a grieving mother. Tammy Willson of Haughton lost her daughter, Casey Colley, in 2013 when a truck crossed the median of the highway. She says after her daughter’s death, she knew she had to do something in Casey’s memory that would also give back to the community.
(photo courtesy of Casey Colley's Cause Facebook) 

“I wanted to make sure it was something tied in to what happened to Casey and would go on and help other people, and what better than to save other lives,” Willson said.

Willson says if those road barriers had been up, she would still have her daughter today. She says she reached out to lawmakers to get the funds appropriated to place cable barriers along a 10 mile stretch of the highway.

“It was a direct reflect on speaking to them, what I call a grass root effort, to turn it around and literally make it happen,” Willson said.

Willson says the funds paying for the barrier were already appropriated for other transportation projects. But she says she worked with lawmakers to get the money directed for this cable barrier. She says this is the kind of investment that can save lives.

“A speeding bullet like a truck that killed my daughter simply by crossing the road by a distracted driver, that’s what we have to stop,” Willson said.

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