Bossier City PD reminds residents not to fall for telephone scams
Posted on 3/8/2017 3:34:00 AM.

The Bossier City Police Department is warning residents of telephone scammers claiming to be the IRS and requesting money. Sgt. Brian Griffith says they’ve received multiple reports of phone calls stating a payment needs to be made over the phone or an arrest warrant will be issued for the individual. He says the IRS will never ask for personal information or take payments over the phone.

“They need to hang up the phone right away. Do not give them any of your personal information. The IRS should already have all of your personal information, there is no need for that.”

Griffith says anytime someone receives a call from the IRS asking for credit card or banking information, it’s usually a scam.

“A lot of times these calls are coming from different parts of the world, they’re very difficult to track. Criminals use fake numbers to call people to try to scam them and this is just another one of the scams that they’ve been using.”

Griffith advises anyone who receives a similar call to immediately hang up the phone.

“If someone happens to get scammed by these people and gives them money or information or anything like that, they should contact us and their financial institute as soon as possible.”
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