Deadline approaching for Louisiana taxpayers to claim 2013 refunds from IRS
Posted on 3/3/2017 4:36:00 AM.

Over 20,000 Louisiana taxpayers are due a refund from the federal government and time is running out to claim them. IRS spokesperson Bill Brunson says these individuals have not received their refund, because they didn’t file a 2013 federal income tax return. He says citizens due this cash must file the necessary paperwork by April 18.

“The law allows a taxpayer to claim a refund on a tax return within three years, and if you go past that time frame, then that money goes into the general fund,” Brunson said.

Brunson says the median potential refund is $763. He says it can be hard for people to get their W-2 or 1099 from three years ago because the taxpayer may not have the same employer. But he says the IRS can help with that.

“If you don’t have the information from the places that you worked, you can ask the IRS for that information as well at no charge,” Brunson said.

Brunson says people can request a Wage and Income transcript at The IRS estimates more than $21 million in unclaimed refunds may be available to Louisiana taxpayers. Brunson says unfortunately, the IRS deals with this every year.

“We see individuals that are potentially going to get a refund but for whatever reason they’ve failed to submit the paperwork, file the information, in a timely manner,” Brunson said.

To find out if you filed your 2013 taxes, call the IRS hotline at 800-829-1040.

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