Department of Revenue Announces Dates for Next Tax Amnesty Program
Posted on 7/23/2013 4:33:00 PM.
The state Department of Revenue says another period of Tax Amnesty will begin September 23rd. LDR spokesman Douglas Baker says the amnesty will offer a 60-day window for delinquent taxpayers to pay outstanding state tax debts without paying heavy penalties.

Baker says LDR is calling the amnesty program "Fresh Start", and they've put up a special website just to inform taxpayers of how to take advantage. He says most everyone will be eligible for tax amnesty - with some exceptions. Baker says, for instance, if you're currently involved in criminal litigation, you are not eligibile. "Fresh Start" begins September 23rd and ends November 22nd. Baker says, based upon the last tax amnesty, thousands - perhaps many tens-of-thousands - could seize the chance to catch up on delinquent taxes without harsh penalties. Information is online at

Dept. of Revenue, Tax Amnesty, Douglas Baker

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