Jindal Advisor Says the Governor Has "No Interest. At All" in Running Against Mary Landrieu Next Year
Posted on 6/27/2013 10:07:00 PM.
A source close to Governor Jindal says he's NOT running for U.S. Senate against Mary Landrieu next year. A piece this week by "LAPolitics.com" publisher John Magginis titled "Why Jindal Needs To Run Against Landrieu" has many tongues a-wagging, but ULM political science professor Joshua Stockley believes, in this case, no means no.
The Maginnis article makes a good case for Mr. Jindal entering the 2014 Senate race. However, Curt Anderson, a Jindal advisor, reportedly told National Journal there is "No Interest. At All."  Professor Stockley feels, for now, that should be the end of the discussion, "I think we should get off the subject and move on. I really think this is much ado about nothing. Maybe John Maginnis' article is some wishful thinking" for a more dynamic challenger for Landrieu than those who already declared. Those challengers are Baton Rouge Congressman Bill Cassidy and St. Tammany Parish farmer Ron Maness.
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