President Nominates Ken Polite for U.S. Attorney for LA's Eastern District
Posted on 6/27/2013 1:00:00 PM.
President Obama has nominated New Orleans attorney Kenneth Polite to be the next U.S. Attorney for the state's Eastern District. Polite would replace Jim Letten, who stepped down earlier this year. New Orleans political analyst Clancy Dubos says Obama has made a good choice.
He says Polite, who is 37, has "a very impressive resume, and everywhere he has worked, he's earned very high marks." Mr. Obama says, "Kenneth Polite’s legal career has been distinguished and impressive. I am confident that, as a U.S. attorney, he will be relentless in his pursuit of justice and serve the people of Louisiana with distinction." Dubos says he concurs with the President's assessment. Senator David Vitter issued a statement saying he would have preferred "a more seasoned" leader for the U.S. Attorney's office (Polite is 37), but indicates he will support Polite's nomination. Dubos feels Polite will be every bit as tough on crime and corruption as his predecessor, Jim Letten.
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