Two Gulfport men arrested in Slidell for allegedly selling fake televisions
Posted on 1/29/2018 1:00:00 PM.
The Slidell Police Department arrests two Gulfport men for allegedly trying to sell fake flat-screen televisions. Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says they got a report about the suspects' activities taking place at a gas station near a Mardi Gras parade route. He says cops moved in to check the serial numbers on the TVs, and quickly learned that they weren't stolen.
Clover Sims, Lloyd Bradley, Slidell Police, Daniel Seuzeneau, fake TV

Slidell man connected to worldwide email scam
Posted on 12/29/2017 12:26:00 PM.

A Slidell man is in jail on 269 counts of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering in connection with a “Nigerian Prince” e-mail scam. 67-year-old Michael Neu was arrested following an 18-month investigation. Slidell Police spokesman Daniel Seuzeneau says they gave Neu a chance to admit to the scheme in the initial stages of the investigation.

Nigerian Prince, Slidell Police, Michael Neu

Man crashes into Slidell Airport on his way to see a voodoo doctor
Posted on 10/3/2017 12:48:00 PM.

A Mississippi man, who told authorities he was on his way to see a voodoo doctor, has been arrested after crashing through a fence at the Slidell Municipal Airport. Detective Daniel Seuzeneau with the Slidell Police Department says police received a call yesterday morning of a vehicle that ran into a utility pole. He says when authorities arrived 43-year-old Kevin Bolton told them he thought he was being chased by police.

Slidell Police, Daniel Seuzeneau, voodoo doctor, Kevin Bolton

Romantic online encounter turns deadly for Slidell man; 2 suspects charged
Posted on 7/1/2016 1:50:00 AM.
Two people have been arrested in connection to the death of a Slidell man who was the victim of a social media scheme. 28-year-old Terrance Calloway and 23-year-old Dana Lemar are charged with second degree murder and obstruction of justice.
Cordaryle Robert, slidell police, newell normand

Slidell Police arrest two accused of stealing nearly $500K from check cashing businesses
Posted on 7/30/2015 1:22:00 PM.
The Slidell Police Department says a group of organized criminals were busted for stealing nearly half a million dollars at businesses with ATMs and check cashing outlets over the past year.  Sgt. Daniel Seuzeneau says two suspects, 36-year-old Marvin Hudson and 44-year-old Allden Jones, were arrested after trying to steal $12,000 from the Cash Cow in Slidell.  
Slidell Police, Daniel Seuzeneau, Allden Jones, Marvin Hudson, theft, ATM, check cashing

22-year-old mother arrested for placing her dead newborn in a dumpster
Posted on 5/5/2015 1:37:00 PM.
Slidell Police arrest 22-year-old Antwonetta Jones on second-degree murder charges as investigators believe she discarded her baby inside a trash compactor. Chief Randy Smith says Jones gave birth to the child in a bathtub at her apartment. 
Slidell Police, Antwonetta Jones, 2nd degree murder, baby dumpster

Man arrested after throwing daughter to the ground while fleeing police
Posted on 3/2/2015 1:02:00 PM.
Slidell Police has arrested a Baton Rouge man after he threw his young daughter to the ground while fleeing officers during a shoplifting attempt.  Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says officers responded to a call that 24-year-old Lamar Causey was attempting to steal cologne and perfume from a cosmetics store.

Slidell Police, Daniel Seuzeneau, Lamar Causey, cruelty to juveniles

Slidell man wakes up to find sleeping burglar on his sofa
Posted on 1/28/2015 11:51:00 AM.
Slidell Police say a homeowner woke up this morning to find something quite unusual in his home.  Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says the homeowner immediately called police and responding officers found 31-year-old Sharrod McCullum sound asleep on the victim's sofa.

Slidell Police, Daniel Seuzeneau, Sharrod McCullum, sleeping burglar

An off-duty Slidell police officer involved in fatal wreck
Posted on 9/8/2014 11:24:00 AM.
A Slidelpolice officer remains in critical condition after he was possibly driving drunk in a crash that killed his passenger. State Police Trooper Greg Marchand says the single vehicle wreck occurred early Sunday morning on Highway 433 and 31-year-old John Cole, who was not working at the time, was at the wheel. 
Slidell Police, John Cole, Daniel Hanlon

Woman arrested after her 5-week-old child was found in a locked car
Posted on 7/2/2014 6:02:00 PM.
A Slidell woman is facing criminal charges after she allegedly forgot that her five-week-old infant was locked inside a parked car at a strip mall. Slidell Police detective Daniel Seuzeneau says an alert citizen saw the child and immediately called 911.
Slidell Police, Daniel Seuzenua, 5-week-old infant, Gloria Elzy

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