Louisiana now offering a digital driver's license
Posted on 7/5/2018 9:02:00 AM.
Louisiana residents can now download a digital version of their driver’s license on their smartphone. State Office of Motor Vehicles Commissioner, Karen St. Germain, says the LA Wallet is the first digital driver’s license in the country.
"When you go to the airport, you can use your smartphone to check-in," said St. Germain. "This will be another thing on your phone that can come in handy and not have to carry four things at one time." 
LA Wallet, Karen St. Germain, Ted James, OMV

Bills adding traffic stop etiquette to driver's ed win final passage
Posted on 6/5/2017 5:25:00 AM.

Two bills requiring traffic stop etiquette to be taught in driver’s education are waiting for the governor’s signature. One bill was by Plaquemines Representative Chad Brown, while Bossier City Representative Ryan Gatti has a similar measure with the same objective. Lafayette Senator Patrick Cortez says it helps the police officers when drivers know what to do during a traffic stop.

Ryan Gatti, Patrick Cortez, Karen St. Germain, driver's ed, traffic stop

OMV to accept some cash payments beginning Dec 5
Posted on 11/23/2016 1:12:00 PM.

The Office of Motor Vehicles will resume accepting some cash payments beginning December 5. OMV Commissioner Karen St. Germain says they will only accept small amounts of cash, for things like driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.

Karen St. Germain, OMV, cash payments

Some not happy with OMV's new no cash policy
Posted on 11/16/2016 3:38:00 AM.

Some lawmakers are not happy with the Office of Motor Vehicles decision to stop accepting cash as a form of payment. OMV Commissioner Karen St. Germain announced the new policy as a way to save the money and prevent theft by state workers. Jonesboro Senator Jim Fannin says a lot of senior citizens do not have credit cards. He says it’s unfair citizens can’t use cash, because employees might steal the cash.

OMV, no cash, Jim Fannin, Karen St. Germain

OMV stops accepting cash starting today
Posted on 11/1/2016 10:30:00 AM.

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles will stop accepting cash as of today. They will only accept debit and credit cards, checks, money orders and cashier checks.

OMV, Karen St. Germain, cash

Louisiana OMV begins issuing REAL ID compliant licenses
Posted on 10/3/2016 10:06:00 AM.

Louisiana travelers can now get federal identification for future air travel, as the state Office of Motor Vehicles began issuing REAL ID licenses on Monday. OMV Commissioner Karen St. Germain says you'll need this type of identification in order to fly domestically without a passport beginning in October 2020.

Karen St. Germain, REAL ID, OMV, passport

Governor-elect John Bel Edwards makes key cabinet/staff announcements
Posted on 12/16/2015 6:05:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
Governor-elect John Bel Edwards announced some members of his cabinet and staff during a news conference Wednesday. State Police Col Mike Edmonson will remain at his post, former US Representative Charlie Melancon will be the new Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary, DOTD Chief of staff Shawn Wilson will now head the agency. 
Mike Edmonson, Charlie Melancon, Shawn Wilson, Karen St. Germain, Don Pierson, Glenn Curtis, Joey Strickland, Juana Marine-Lombard, John Bel Edwards

House rejects tax increase for roads and bridges
Posted on 5/28/2015 1:09:00 PM.
The state House has rejected legislation that would increase the state's sales tax by one-cent for road and bridge improvements.  Plaquemine Representative Karen St. Germain's bill overwhelmingly failed to get a two-thirds vote of elected members it needed to pass.
Louisiana, House of Representatives, taxes, roads, bridges, Karen St. Germain

Two proposed tax increases to benefit state roads pass House committee
Posted on 5/5/2015 11:55:00 AM.
The House Ways and Means Committee approved two proposed tax increases by Plaquemine Representative Karen St. Germain to help fund road and bridge projects in the state.  There is currently a $12 billion backlog of road improvements in the state.  
Karen St. Germain, Louisiana, House Ways and Means, roads, bridges

Lawmaker seeks funding for roads and bridges
Posted on 4/19/2015 2:53:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
The chairwoman of the Louisiana House Transportation Committee proposes a one cent sales tax that could generate $7 billion dollars over the next decade to help fund roads and bridges. Pierre Part Representative Karen St. Germain says the state needs to free up money needed for preservation and maintenance because we need to take care of what we have.
karen st. germain, roads and bridges, taxes

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