Report: Coastal county populations increase almost 25 percent over 15 years as people follow jobs
Posted on 8/8/2018 3:39:00 AM.

A US Census Bureau report says coastal counties and parishes along the Gulf of Mexico have seen an increase of 3 million people, or 24.5%, between 2000 and 2016.

The US itself has grown by nearly 15-percent over the same time. The reason for the coastal boom? Demographer Greg Rigamer says it boils down to one thing.
Greg Rigamer, US Census Bureau, Gulf of Mexico

Analyst discusses impacts of DXC in New Orleans
Posted on 11/14/2017 11:45:00 AM.

With the announcement of DXC Technology opening a digital transformation center, over 2,000 direct jobs will be created in New Orleans over the next seven to eight years.

Demographer Greg Rigamer says these new jobs are extremely significant for the technology community in the Crescent City. He says Louisiana provided $120 million in incentives to attract the company’s attention.
DXC, New Orleans, Greg Rigamer

Survey finds New Orleans is in the top five cities for millennials to live
Posted on 6/9/2017 4:49:00 AM.

A report from Time Magazine finds New Orleans is one of the top five metro areas in the country for millennials to live. Demographer Greg Rigamer says it’s obvious that when you’re in the Crescent City the main age group is 25 to 34 and many businesses target that demographic.

Greg Rigamer, Time Magazine, New Orleans Millennials

Census data shows out migration continues to plague Louisiana
Posted on 3/23/2017 11:25:00 AM.

New census numbers find Louisiana’s population was 4.6 million residents in 2016, only growing but 0.3% from the previous year. The Bayou State also saw a continuing pattern of out migration with nearly 12,000 more people moving out of the state than coming in. Demographer Greg Rigamer says many citizens leave to follow the money.

census, out migration, population, Greg Rigamer

Census data shows little change in Louisiana's population
Posted on 12/22/2016 4:41:00 AM.

Louisiana’s population has grown very little, according to the latest census data. Demographer Greg Rigamer says the nation as a whole changed more than 4% from 2010 to 2016, while the southern region changed about 6.5%. He says Louisiana saw a 3% change over the same period.

Greg Rigamer, population change, census data

Report: Louisiana has fewer college grads than other states
Posted on 10/12/2016 12:28:00 PM.

About 23% of Louisiana adults have at least a four year degree, according to a new report from the finance website 24/7 Wall Street. That’s 8 percentage points below the national average. Demographer Greg Rigamer says Louisiana’s lower than average household creates financial obstacles for people seeking degrees.

Greg Rigamer, 24/7 Wall St., college

Census data finds Louisiana has third highest poverty rate
Posted on 9/16/2016 4:31:00 AM.

New census data finds Louisiana has the third highest poverty rate in the country. Demographer Greg Rigamer says Louisiana’s median household income of about $45,000 is well below the national average, which is over $55,000.

Greg Rigamer, poverty rate,

Could Baton Rouge see a population shift as a result of The Great Flood of 2016?
Posted on 8/29/2016 3:00:00 AM.

After Hurricane Katrina there was a huge population shift from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, will we see this trend again after the Great Flood of 2016? Demographer Greg Rigamer expects flood victims to try and rebuild where they lived prior to the flood.

The Great Flood 2016, Greg Rigamer, Baton Rouge, flooding, population shift

Millennials are outnumbering baby boomers and are more diverse
Posted on 6/25/2015 12:54:00 PM.
New census figures show the nation's population is becoming more diverse and Millennials now outnumber babyboomers. Demographer Greg Rigamer says Louisiana is following the national trend, as the state's Hispanic population has increased increased since 2010.
Millennials, Baby Boomers, Greg Rigamer, US Census Bureau

Louisiana tops nation for number of single people
Posted on 9/17/2014 1:58:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
According to a new report with data compiled from the US census, Louisiana has the most single people in the nation. The Martin Prosperity Institute study found 55.7% of adults here are nor married. Demographer Greg Rigamer says this could be because after Katrina and the BP Oil spill, Louisiana got a big boost in job opportunities.
single people, louisiana, greg rigamer, tim slack, demographer, sociology

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