Since 1974, the Louisiana Radio Network has been providing Farmers and Ranchers with specific information about the Agriculture Community. Reports include everything from news to commodity pricing to reviews of the newest products available to the Ag Community.

Our Ag Network is led by veteran Farm Director Don Molino. He can be reached at:

If you would like information on how to advertise on our Ag Network, please call Steve Lechich at 225-291-2727 ex 206 or write to him at

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LISTEN NOW to The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture PODCAST!  
Join us each week for The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Podcast. Host Carey Martin will bring you the latest news headlines in Louisiana agriculture and a look at the markets with commentary from the Louisiana Farm Bureau Marketing Association. We'll go to the halls of government for an inside look in our "Grassroots Government" segment, and we'll take you to the fields and pastures of Louisiana as we talk to one of you about current crop and livestock conditions. Then we'll take a look at next week to see what's on the Louisiana Ag Calendar. Get all of this and more each week on The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Podcast.

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The Voice of Louisiana Agriculture Radio Network broadcasts occur daily, Monday - Friday. Here is our program list:


Louisiana Cotton Report
Summary of Cotton Industry current events.


The Morning Report
Market information, agri-news and analysis.


Market Preview
Analysis of the previous days activity, a preview of today.


Opening Markets
Market prices at the open


Mid-Morning Markets
The latest on all commodity trading.


Livestock Markets
Mid-Day cattle & hog prices


Noon Report
Commodity pricing updates from major markets, plus news and commentary.


Closing Markets
Final grain and cotton prices


Closing Livestock Market
Closing cattle and hog prices


Market Finals
Settlement prices on major commodity exchanges & analysis.



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