Two young men allegedly beat elderly man in road rage incident in Slidell
Posted on 7/7/2017 11:49:00 AM.

A 73-year-old Slidell man was brutally beaten during a road rage incident just before noon yesterday. Slidell Police responded to the scene after receiving a 911 call from a witness who saw two young men attacking the elderly man inside his vehicle.

Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says when officers arrived...

“They located a 19-year-old man by the name of Brett McCraney from Slidell and a 26-year-old male, Adonis Young from New Orleans, hiding in a nearby house.”

Seuzeneau says police found the disoriented man nearby with severe injuries. He says when questioned, McCraney said the man almost hit he and Young as they were crossing the road so they began yelling and the victim pulled over.

“Began beating the man has he was still seated inside his vehicle, McCraney told officers that he ‘felt like he needed to defend his territory and show him what was up.’”

Seuzeneau says the victim was transported to University Medical Center in New Orleans due to the severity of the injuries to his face and head. He says Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal calls this is a heinous act and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“McCraney and Young were charged with disturbing the peace and second degree battery. Because of injuries more charges could follow and because of the age of the victim, the two men could face enhanced penalties.”

Slidell Police Department, Daniel Seuzeneau, Brett McCraney, Adonis Young

Provided by ABC News

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