Deputies investigate 8-month-old child left in vehicle for several hours
Posted on 10/12/2017 2:18:00 PM.

Investigators are seeking answers in the death of an eight-month-old child left in a car for several hours. Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Dawn Panepinto says the child’s guardian never dropped off the child to a day care center and when they returned to pick up the toddler, it was discovered the infant was still in the vehicle. 

"This is the first case that we are investigating the death of a child for that long period of time," Panepinto said. 
Panepinto says the District Attorney’s office is continuing their investigation into the tragedy and the guardian is cooperating.
"There's a distinction between criminal intent and negligence, again I'm not going to speculate the outcome of the case, because I'm not investigating it, however I do know the female is extremely distraught and is extremely cooperative," Panepinto said. 
Panepinto says this is a good time for all who care for young children to review their protocol for taking care of them while in their custody. 
"Putting the purse in the backseat next to the child, knowing you have to get your purse, just doing anything to help remind you that in the fast pace life we live in, these things can happen," Panepinto said. 
The daycare is not being investigated. Police are withholding the names of the persons involved pending the review by the DA’s office.
Tangipahoa Sheriff's office, Dawn Panepinto, 8-month-old, car

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