Special session is over, but governor's work is not
Posted on 6/26/2016 7:44:00 AM.

The second special session is over, but ULM political science professor John Sutherlin says Governor John Bel Edwards won’t be taking a breather anytime soon.

“He still has a huge task to go. Come July 1, Governor Edwards is going to have to start looking around at what to cut,” Sutherlin said.

The governor will have to make at least $300 million in cuts to the state budget for next fiscal year. Sutherlin says Edwards will be involved in trying to bolster the state’s ports, roads and bridges, while also working on some job creation projects.

“I would expect to see more infrastructure projects and less of those sort of flashy ribbon cutting ceremonies that we saw under Jindal,” Sutherlin said.

Sutherlin says with a Democrat in the White House it may help Edwards bring down more federal dollars from Washington for infrastructure projects. He anticipates the governor will also look to improve broadband internet service throughout the state.

“Louisiana has an interesting opportunity, because we’re mostly a rural state, to access some USDA funds for broadband development,” Sutherlin said.

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