SLU urges Christmas tree donations to help stop shoreline erosion
Posted on 1/2/2017 3:16:00 PM.

Southeastern Louisiana University is urging people to donate their Christmas trees to help save the state’s coast rather than throwing them in the trash. Rob Moreau, manager of SLU’s Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station, says when you put recycled trees into the marsh it can help the shoreline in many ways.

“It can help reduce erosion from wave action, you can help build up habitats. Very importantly, you can help keep the trees out of landfills.”

Southeastern Louisiana University is collecting discarded Christmas trees to help build up the Pass Manchac marsh land that has been impacted by coastal erosion. 

For more drop off information, visit Moreau says they are collecting trees at several places around the Hammond area.

“The City of Hammond, The City of Ponchatoula, our Sustainability Center on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus. We also bring our Turtle Cove trailer out in front of Middendorf’s Restaurant.”

Moreau says when the Christmas trees are placed along with shoreline, the trees help to trap the sediments. He says eventually, grass begins to grow inside of the tree.

“That helps to create a base for vegetation to grow. So, it’s like you’re adding a base for this vegetation and that’s how it works.”

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