US Department of Energy approves expansion of Cameron Parish plant
Posted on 2/11/2014 5:02:00 PM.
The US Energy Department has given the green-light for Sempra International to expand its natural gas terminal in Cameron Parish. The D-O-E approved Sempra's permit to transition from an import-only facility to an export facility.

The project will create an estimated 3,000 construction jobs. 
Sempra's 10-billion dollar expansion seeks to add liquification plants and other facilities to its Hackberry terminal, which will allow it to safely export liquified natural gas.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission also has to approve this project, but Mary Landrieu, who is poised to become the chairwoman with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, says that shouldn't be a problem.
"There are permits from other parts of the country ours seems to be moving more quickly for a number of reasons." 

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