A self-driving bus to be on display in New Orleans
Posted on 1/30/2017 3:14:00 AM.

Now is your chance to ride in a self-driving automated shuttle, as a demonstration takes place in New Orleans today. Neil Hemenover with Transdev North America says the vehicle was created by EasyMile and is already in use in Europe. He says the technology is available for a self-driving shuttle to follow a set route.

“It goes out and maps the area in which you want to ride and then you are able to set up different stops, different location points and then you can adjust the speed.”

Hemenover says about 4,000 people a day use a self-driving shuttle in France and the Netherlands. He says these vehicles can also be seen in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

“Technology is here, it can be used more on public roads and walkways but there are still a lot of regulations that still need to be worked through with putting full autonomous vehicles on our public streets.”

Hemeover says Transdev thinks New Orleans is a great place for this technology with the amount of visitors coming into the city. He says the public will get to go for a ride at 1 p.m. on Monday at the Convention Center.

“This particular EZ10 vehicle can hold up to 12 persons. There are six actual seats and there are six additional spaces for people to stand.”

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