Secretary of State launches digital media archive documenting Louisiana history
Posted on 1/21/2015 3:32:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
Secretary of State Tom Schedler and Louisiana Public Broadcasting announce the launch of a site which contains videos of stories from throughout our state's history. He says the Louisiana Digital Media Archive puts the history of Louisiana into visual film that anyone can enjoy online.

"For future generations to look at and study from a learning and educational standpoint," said Schedler.

Schedler says preserving our state's unique history in a format the average person can explore has always been one of the critical missions of the State Archives. He says says the site, "", will be a great place to pull up historic events in Louisiana and national history.

"Whether it be the JFK assassination to Hurricane Katrina and Camilie," said Schedler. "All the way to political issues going back to Huey Long."

Schedler says they were able to take old videotapes that had a risk of becoming destroyed due to deterioration over time and digitize them so they will always be available.

"We think this is a great educational tool and I like to tell people it's like a historic Facebook," said Schedler.

tom schedler, louisiana digital media archive

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