Senate passes a proposal allowing prayer in school with parent permission
Posted on 4/27/2018 10:00:00 AM.

The Senate passed a proposal that will allow school employees to pray with students during the class hours. Before joining in the group prayers, students would have to have a signed request form signed by their parents. The bill’s sponsor, Bossier Senator Ryan Gatti, says it’s a response to recent legal actions taken against his parish.

“Bossier and Webster parishes have been sued because they did something terrible, they were praying too much. With all the school shootings and the bullying, the teachers were reaching out to the kids and praying with them. The atheists don’t like that.”

Gatti says denying students the ability to pray with faculty flies in the face of local culture.

“We’re just standing up for those teachers who want to be mentors to their students. We have a lot of schools up here, everybody goes to the same church and they shouldn’t be under a gag order.”

Gatti says prayer is allowed in many other state institutions, such as the legislature, and as such should not be restricted in schools. He anticipates his bill will receive approval in the House…

“I think it is going to pass overwhelmingly. We open every day in prayer. When someone passes away, when an officer is shot, we stop and we pray.”

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