Pennington studies active video games on obese kids
Posted on 12/4/2015 2:01:00 AM.

LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center is studying whether active video games can help improve health, especially in overweight children. Pennington Assistant Professor Dr. Amanda Staiano says they’re launching the Game Squad study to see if some active games can get kids off the couch and moving. She says boys and girls ages 10 to 12 will be part of the study for six months.

“We give them a gaming bundle and video games. We also give them access to a fitness coach. So, they’ll play these games in the home and we want to see, will these games help to increase their physical activity and even help them lose weight.”

Staiano says they want the kids to play the games three times a week and the goal is to get them active for at least an hour a day. She says she’s optimistic the study will prove to be effective and there are a variety of games to keep your children interested.

“There are sports games, dance games, all sorts of games and these games can be played with parents, grandparents and siblings, so it’s really a whole family activity.”

Staiano says if you want your child to be a part of the study, call (225) 763-3000 to see if they qualify. She says when you play active games, you’re working up a sweat and raising your heart rate, which is exercise.

“For children in particular, they need to move their bodies, develop their physical skills and boost their self-esteem, as well, so we’re excited to see how these games can help to influence children’s health.”

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