Jindal could emerge as a favorite in Presidential election
Posted on 6/25/2015 3:25:00 AM.
There are many people who do not think Governor Bobby Jindal has much of a chance to win the Republican Presidental nomination, but ULM Political Science Professor John Sutherlin says Jindal can emerge as one of the favorites.
Jindal is the 13th announced Republican candidate but he can distingish himself by telling American voters that as Governor he didn't raise taxes , he reduced the size of the budget and reformed ethic laws.

"But the thing that Bobby Jindal has going for him is he's going to have a compelling story that plays on a national level."
A recent poll showed that Jindal is less popular in Louisiana than Democratic President Barack Obama. But Sutherlin says that will not matter on the Presidential campaign trail.
"What they're going to want to see is, is he committed to lowering taxes, is he committed to balancing a budget. Has he increased transparency and ethics? Those are the kind of big ticket things that he can campaign on."

Sutherlin says if Jindal is competitive in the Iowa caucus and in the New Hampshire primary that could lead to a really good showing in South Carolina. He says Jindal has a history of being a good campaigner.
"Not just in his own elections, but he has been able to work, develop and establish relationships in key places around the country where he will be very, very competitive."
Bobby Jindal, President, John Sutherlin, ULM

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