Flood could trigger PTSD for victims on 11th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
Posted on 8/29/2016 6:11:00 AM.

Today is the 11 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and some who lost their homes in Katrina are once again dealing with another flood. Trauma psychologist with LSU Health New Orleans Dr. Jennifer Hughes worked at shelter in Baton Rouge earlier this month and spoke with several people, who moved to Baton Rouge and Lafayette after Katrina and they are once again re-living another disaster.

“They were really feeling safe up there. They were feeling like ‘I’m not going to experience another flood like Katrina,’ and then the exact same thing happens, and it came out of nowhere,” Hughes said.

Hughes says the images of this latest flood could be sparking symptoms of PTSD from current New Orleans area residents who are having flashbacks and hypervigilance. She says if anyone feels depressed, the first thing they need to do is reach out to family and friends.

“If that doesn’t feel like enough, if reaching out to those close people aren’t enough, there are different services that are in that area that can help,” Hughes said.

Hughes says the Capital Area Human Services District provides services to people dealing with PTSD, and community support will also help. She says for those who are personally impacted by these two devastating and life changing floods, this can be traumatizing.

“They were instantly retriggered about all of this and feeling very hopeless about when am I ever going to be safe from this,” Hughes said.

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