Drug suspects try to disguise shotgun as children's toy
Posted on 10/25/2016 4:56:00 PM.

A dangerous couple is behind bars following a traffic stop in Covington that led to a disturbing discovery. Capt. Daniel Seuzeneau with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office says Monroe Myers and his girlfriend, Winter Flowers, were pulled over for a missing taillight.

“When the detectives searched the vehicle, they discovered a lot of drugs- heroin, methamphetamine, lots of cash and drug paraphernalia,” Seuzeneau said. 

Seuzeneau says the drugs and paraphernalia were not even the biggest concern. He says deputies also discovered a sawed off 20 gauge shotgun disguised as a children’s toy.

“They wrapped the shotgun in the popular children’s character ‘The Minions’ duct tape. So when you actually see this gun, it literally looks like a toy. In reality it’s a very dangerous weapon,” Seuzeneau said.

Seuzeneau says the couple have been charged with possession of meth and heroin, intent to distribute, possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance, and being fugitives out of Tangipahoa parish. He says both Myers and Flowers also have previous criminal history.

“It’s very obvious that this couple is dangerous, and they belong in jail. We’re lucky that we got them, and hopefully the justice system will keep them where they belong,” Seuzeneau said.

(pictures courtesy of St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office) 
Capt. Daniel Seuzeneau, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office, Monroe Myers, Winter Flowers

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