Congressman Johnson fighting to return Shreveport man home from Guatemalan jail
Posted on 9/13/2017 2:48:00 AM.

Louisiana lawmakers are working to free a Shreveport man from a Guatemalan jail after he was arrested in March for bringing hunting ammunition in his luggage. U.S. Representative Mike Johnson and U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy met with the country’s ambassador to discuss the case of Zachary Wilson. Johnson says Wilson suffers from ulcerative colitis.

“Our specific request is that if his trial date cannot be moved to happen in the next several weeks, then he needs to be returned to the US so he can continue his medical treatment while he awaits trial.”

Wilson’s family says it is extremely difficult to ship his medication to Guatemala and he is running out of his prescription. Johnson says they understand Guatemala is a sovereign nation and respect the rule of law but the charges brought against Wilson are not justified.

“Clearly this gentleman meant no harm in the country and obviously committed no harm. He needs to be returned to his family. We’ve been leaning on the officials there to the greatest extent and trusting they will work through their system.”

Ulcerative colitis is a condition that can be life threatening if left untreated. Johnson says he and Senator Cassidy are committed to this time sensitive matter and will continue to work with the Guatemalan government to ensure Wilson’s return.

“The US supplies a lot of foreign aid to this nation and we expect in return the respectful treatment of American citizens. This is a fellow who went to the country on a mission trip to help the people there.”

Zachary Wilson, Guatemala, Mike Johnson

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