Insect population may be lower this summer due to a very cold winter
Posted on 1/14/2018 3:00:00 AM.

It’s been a colder than normal winter to say the least in Louisiana and it might affect the insect population this summer. LSU Entomology Professor Timothy Schowalter says many tropical species in Louisiana are at the edge of the areas they normally inhabit and says the sudden cold weather didn’t help them.

"The gradual decline in temperature will allow more insects to go into overwintering mode.  Where has an early freeze would probably kill more insects."
Schowalter says it’s expected that there will be a reduction in mosquitoes this year since some adults were more than likely killed in the December cold snap.
"Any adults that were present in early December would have frozen and would have not laid any eggs.  There will be a hiatus in reproduction." 
Lovebugs will more than likely survive these recent cold snaps. Schowalter says they were long gone since they make their bi-yearly flights in April and October.
"Lovebug larvae are in the ground so they're probably going to survive fairly well.  The ground would have to freeze and inch or more in depth before Lovebug larvae would freeze."
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