Cleanup begins for Charity Hospital in New Orleans
Posted on 1/10/2017 4:53:00 AM.

The clean-up process for Charity Hospital in New Orleans begins today. The historic building has been out of commission since Hurricane Katrina. LSU Health New Orleans Health Care Services Division Director of Facility Planning Jerry Jones says this project will cost over 6.4 million dollars. He says everything inside the building has been there since 2005.

“We’re removing all of the moveable contents, the fixed equipment is not going to be removed, but the moveable contents, the desks, the chairs, the equipment that’s moveable.”

The process is expected to take around 180 days. Jones says all the equipment is rusted and not usable, so it will have to be stripped and used as scrap metal.

“It’ll all have to be dismantled and then discarded. They’ll probably get rid of some of it as just metal products but it will all have to be disposed of.”

The facilities contain asbestos, mold, chemicals, and other hazardous materials and the building is not safe for immediate occupancy. Jones says FEMA will pay for the cleanup. He says they’ve been waiting to finally clean out the facility for over 10 years.

“We’re just thrilled to be at this point, after all these years, to finally get it done so that building can move on to its potential adapted reuse.”

It’s unclear what will happen with the 78 year old structure once it’s cleaned out.

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