Calcasieu Parish starts to recover after Tropical Storm Harvey
Posted on 9/12/2017 10:59:00 AM.

Recovery is underway in Calcasieu Parish after Tropical Storm Harvey left major flood damage in some areas. Dick Gremillion, Director of the Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, says while the destruction is not as bad as Texas, 800 to a thousand structures in Calcasieu sustained water damage. He says they are waiting to see if they will be declared a Federal Disaster Area.

“The number of houses on the individual assistance is the key and we’re doing our best to catalog all the houses that had damage.”

If declared a federal disaster area that opens the door for flood victims to receive federal assistance. Gremillion says in the days before Harvey made landfall in Calcasieu, a torrential downpour left nearly 500 houses with some water inside. He says flooding also occurred when the Sabine River came out of its banks.

“We had a river flood that was virtually the same as our March flood of last year so we did have houses that did have water up to the roof out there.”

Gremillion says some homes in the parish have now flooded twice in the last two years. He says homeowners who are able to reach their houses have begun the gutting out process.

“We’re looking at what it’s going to take to pick up all the debris, we’re also, as busy as we’ve been this year, we’re having to look ahead. This may happen again two weeks from now and so we need to be restocked and ready to go.”

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