Bill could eliminate inspection stickers in Louisiana
Posted on 4/24/2017 11:11:00 AM.

A measure to be heard before the House Transportation Committee would eliminate inspection stickers in Louisiana on personal vehicles. Stonewall Representative Larry Bagley says he filed the bill because with the installment of two year inspection stickers, it’s no longer about public safety but about collecting more money.

“You can ride down the road and see cars with headlights, taillights out, cracks in the windshield, things like that, with brand new stickers on.”

Bagley says inspections would still be required for school buses and other commercial vehicles. But he says for the everyday person, it’s very hard to take time out of your busy work day to stop in and get a new inspection sticker.

“I think most citizens would rather not have that and from the outpouring of support I’ve gotten from the community statewide, I would say that if this were an election this would be a runaway.”

The bill would also still require inspection stickers in the five parishes where an emission inspection is federally required. Bagley says in terms of safety, the stickers really aren’t useful anymore.

“Safety, which is what they’re for, I don’t think the safety part of it is nearly as valuable or valuable at all as far as what we get back, so there is really no need for it in my opinion.”

Opponents of the measure have voiced concerns about people dropping their insurance providers and people are no longer held accountable for keeping up with their vehicles.

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