Toddler dies after being struck by father's car
Posted on 7/17/2014 4:21:00 PM.
A small child was struck and killed by her father's truck in Bossier City. The tragic incident occurred Thursday morning as 27-year-old Damion Dacaldacal was preparing to take his three children to daycare. Sgt. Brian Griffith says at some point Dacaldacal lost track of one of his children.

"He didn't notice that his 14-month-old daughter had gotten out and walked in front of the vehicle."
Griffith says their investigation has revealed Dacaldacal was pulling out of the driveway, he struck his 14-month-old child. He says the father quickly called for authorities.
"The fire department showed up and rushed the child to University Health Care. The paramedics continued to do CPR on her even after arriving, but she succumbed to her injuries and was declared deceased. 
The case is being treated as an accident, and charges are not expected. Griffith says this is a harsh reminder for parents to always try to keep an eye on your children.
"It's a tragic accident. Just make sure you always have eyes on your children, it's just a hard lesson learned"

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