Victims say murdered Baton Rouge TV personality sexually and physically abused them as young boys
Posted on 8/28/2014 11:29:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
Troubling allegations are coming out about a Baton Rouge TV personality who was fatally shot yesterday allegedly by his producer who then turned the gun on himself. The news of Scott Rogers death shocked people who admired him. 
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But this morning on The Jim Engster Show, nameless victims came forward and claimed Rogers had been physically and sexually abusing them since they were children.

"Were you ever intimately involved with him," Engster asked.

The victim stated, "By Scott? Absolutely. It started when I was about, *sigh*, 13."

A second victim claimed he contacted federal authorities to tell his story in America when he learned Rogers adopted two young children.

Rogers had been the subject of a federal grand jury this week and was being investigated in the US for allegedly lying on citizenship documents about prior arrests.

The anonymous man described Rogers as a master manipulator monster.

"He is an expert at brainwashing and he is the worst predatory pedophile that you can ever imagine," said a second victim.

Rogers was reportedly booked on child molestation charges in the UK, but never disclosed that information when he came to America which is why the feds were asking questions. 

Victim #2 said Rogers fostered and adopted the children he abused and tortured.

"We were beaten and there were numerous occasions where if you refused his sexual advances, then the sexual abuse became very violent," said the nameless individual.

The alleged gunman, Mathew Hodgkins, is in critical condition.


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