Medical marijuana bill passes House
Posted on 6/4/2015 1:58:00 PM.
The full House approves legislation that sets up rules and regulations for the dispensing of medical marijuana in Louisiana. New Orleans Representative Helena Moreno says under the proposed law, a patient who suffers from glaucoma, cancer or cerebral palsy will have the option of using medicinal marijuana in a pill form.
"It's a safe, secure and responsible way to dispense medical marijuana to those who are suffering and need it," Moreno says.
The bill by state senator Fred Mills establishes where the medical marijuana will be dispensed and where it will be grown and who will handle the production of the medicine. But Leesville Representative James Armes expressed skeptism about the legislation.
"I don't think we have a bill that is completely thorough," Armes says. "I don't think we've worked on it enough."
Moreno added some more amendments to the bill, in an attempt to calm fears that the growing of medicial marijuana in Louisiana could lead to criminal activity or corruption. She made the case to the rest of the House that the bill has tight controls on it and it will be very beneficial.
"I mean, remember, we're talking about very sick people, people who are suffering," Moreno says. "And so if we can give them the option to at least try this type of drug, let's give them that option."
The vote was 70-29, Livingston Representative Sherman Mack voted against it, because he believes this legislation will open the door to Louisiana legalizing recreational marijuana.
"Please don't send the message to the rest of the country that Louisiana is on its way to legalizing recreational marijuana because this is what you're doing," Mack says.
The bill heads back to the Senate to see if they'll agree to changes made by the House. 
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