Former host of a Monroe children's television show Mr. Wonder will go to court early 2018
Posted on 10/12/2017 3:32:00 PM.

The Monroe children’s television star known as Mr. Wonder will have his day in court in February. Frank John Selas the Third, is facing child molestation charges from allegations that stem from a Rapides Parish camping trip in 1979. The now 77-year-old was arrested in 2016 in San Diego. Selas’ Attorney Mike Small wanted an earlier trial date than February 5th, but there were several extenuating circumstances.

"The judge had the rather difficult task of coordinating dates that were available to both me and my co-counsel from San Diego, the prosecutor and of course the court's prior commitments," Small said.
Small says Selas remains in good spirits despite his time in jail over the last 21 months.
"He's been incarcerated either in California or here since January of 2016.  He gets very good treatment here.  The sheriff is very lenient in allowing visitation", Small said.

Selas has pleaded not guilty to all charges, including the two counts of aggravated rape. Small is confident his client will be found not guilty, because the now 45-year-old accuser has a criminal history.

"The complainant was a former police officer.  He has a prior federal felony conviction, a firearms conviction and his of course his credibility will be at issue", Small said.

A pretrial conference is scheduled for December 18.

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