Two Congressional races on the ballot for Saturday's election
Posted on 12/8/2016 11:33:00 AM.

The two remaining U.S. House races in Louisiana are heating up as the election is only two days away. In the 3rd Congressional District, two Republicans are facing off for the open seat.

ULM Political Science Professor John Sutherlin says Clay Higgins has taken to social media portraying himself as the Cajun Donald Trump and that’s brought in supporters.

“We always say turnout, turnout but it is import. If there is a significant number 20%-25% African American turnout on Saturday, you’d have to give the advantage to Scott Angelle.”

Sutherlin says Higgin’s opponent, Scott Angelle, is far more moderate and he expects African Americans will be drawn to him. He says Higgins has been so successful because he’s riding a wave of anti-establishment politicians.

“I think he’s done a fairly good job of putting Scott Angelle into a category of a career politician.”

There seems to be less excitement in the northwestern part of the state in the 4th Congressional District race with Republican Mike Johnson and Democrat Marshall Jones. Sutherlin says Johnson is projected to win this seat.

“If you had to say where it was right now it would be hard to say that it’s not a 60-40 race at this point, perhaps even higher depending on African American turnout, depending on white Democrats.”

John Sutherlin, Clay Higgins, Scott Angelle, Marshall Jones, Mike Johnson

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